How can I find healing within myself? I feel too broken to pick up the pieces. Too far gone to make anything that even resembles a recovery. But surely I'm not meant to suffer for a lifetime. Who knew I'd end up being a peach that would bruise so easily. Bruised and battered, but am I not still a peach? If my purpose is for consumption, then wouldn't bruised look good on a resume? All the gently used fruit up on the higher branches have no concept of what horrors could await them. I'm too ripe and turning sour on the ground under a hot and endless Mississippi summer sun. The hands that reach for fruit don't look to those of us down here on the ground. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. But then if my purpose is not for human consumption, then what is it? What's the purpose of a peach? To sit still for paintings that will be hung if the artist gets to know me? To flow so sweetly over the lips of loved ones is the life the peach craves. Not to make a bed in the dirt and give house to the worms. Knocked down too soon. They weren't even reaching for me, but they sent me spiraling to my ultimate demise. Do you think they noticed my cry as I hit the ground? Do you think they lay awake at night and think of the peach they left alone out here on the ground? Maybe my purpose is to become a tree. But first, I have to rot all the way down. To get to the very heart of the matter. But what a lofty goal for a single summer peach. The tree that dropped me was once only a peach herself I supposed. But then, again, becoming a tree means letting go of the idea of being a peach at all. Completely disintegrating. Melting down into the ground and becoming totally forgotten. Yes, maybe one day I'll be a tree. Even if right now I'm simply a bruised peach trodden under foot. Don't blame me for your sticky shoes. You came into this orchard after all. Even if I was perchance, to be plucked from my lowly place, I'd still only be a bruised little peach. Serve me anyway you please, but I'll always just a be a peach. Choose me now or sit under my shade in the years to come. Would a peach by any other name not taste as sweet?

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